IMG_3043Welcome to Heavenly Hair Lice Care! If you have recently discovered that you or someone you know has lice, you have come to the right place. There is no need to be embarrassed or feel ashamed because lice love clean hair. Almost everybody has had an experience with these unwanted guests at some point in their life. Many years ago, you could run to the store and purchase an over-the-counter product and it actually worked in helping to destroy these little pests. Unfortunately, that is not the case any more. Today’s lice & nits (AKA Super-Lice) are resistant to those products and aren’t moved by them, no matter how many attempts are made.

We offer San Diego residents a unique service. We have professional mobile lice technicians that come to you and treat you or your loved one in the privacy of your home. We use 100% all-natural products that will not harm the scalp or damage your hair. We understand the urgency to begin treatment immediately and offer same-day and evening appointments. Call us now 619)212-3315 & be lice-free TODAY!